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Help thousands of kids fall in love with healthy food!

Your donation today will create school-based, healthy food hubs where kids will be excited to grow and eat the foods that will help them to thrive.

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Children are not getting the nutrition they need to learn, be active, and thrive.

In communities we serve, like Norristown, only 1 in 10 students are eating the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables.

The need is clear: kids are not eating enough fruits and vegetables and they don’t have access to enough fresh food in their neighborhoods.

We believe sustainable change comes through guaranteeing access to fresh vegetables and from learning how to grow and cook them.

Our Healthy Schools Project builds deep partnerships with teachers, principals, students, and families to create vibrant and lasting connections to fresh food. Kids who help grow and prepare food are excited to eat it.

Join us in helping kids grow and prepare food with their own hands, ensuring they eat tonight and in the days ahead.

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